Lunamage AI

Search Engine Marketing for AI Companies

Lunamage AI

Search Engine Marketing for AI Companies

Get your AI brand published on top news sites

If people can't find you on Google, they'll find someone else.

Secure your position in the AI revolution with guaranteed publication on top news sites — ensuring you're not just seen, but sought after.

Stand out in the new world

It's only the beginning of the AI revolution. Strong brand positioning will set you apart from your competition.

Navigate the evolving landscape of AI with a strategic partner dedicated to making your brand not just visible, but essential. In a world where AI is the future, we ensure your brand leads the charge.

Maximizing Your Media Impact

Our Methodology: Visibility Through Precision Content Placement

Skyrocket the visibility of your AI business through media coverage on major news sites such as NBC, CBS, Fox News, and 300+ more.

Join us for a free discovery call where we'll discuss your business, your goals, and what kind of results you can expect with our campaigns.

In a nutshell

This is what we do

We specialize in boosting the online visibility of AI companies through guaranteed publication on major media outlets. Our clients gain enhanced credibility and market presence, directly impacting their discoverability on search engines and increasing their competitive edge.With our targeted search engine and content marketing strategies, businesses secure a commanding position in the AI industry landscape.

Visibility Package

Launch Your Brand


  • One media campaign per month

  • Guaranteed publication on 300+ news sites

  • Monthly snapshot report showcasing results

Get noticed online


This package is your first step towards dominating the digital space. By ensuring your AI company is featured across an extensive network of news sites, we lay the groundwork for your exponential growth.

The Visibility Package is ideal for emerging AI companies and startups looking to establish a strong online presence. It's tailored for businesses that want to kickstart their journey to market recognition, attract their first users, or validate their solutions with a broader audience.If you're aiming to introduce your brand to the market and need to build a foundation for visibility and credibility, this package is your starting point.

Authority package

Lead The Market


  • Two media campaigns per month

  • Guaranteed publication on 300+ news sites

  • Monthly snapshot report showcasing results

Build brand authority


With double the media campaigns of the Visibility Package, your brand gains even broader exposure across top-tier news platforms, cementing your authority and expertise in the AI field.

The Authority Package is designed for established AI companies and fast-growing startups ready to amplify their market presence and establish themselves as industry leaders. This package suits businesses aiming to enhance their reputation, extend their reach to a more extensive audience, and demonstrate their expertise and thought leadership in the AI space.If your goal is to differentiate your brand from competitors, engage with a larger segment of your target market, and solidify your standing as a trusted authority in AI, this package will help you achieve those milestones. It's ideal for companies looking to leverage advanced marketing strategies for sustained growth and leadership.

Platinum Package

Premium Big 6 Distribution


  • One premium media campaign per month

  • Two standard media campaigns per month

  • Guaranteed publication on 300+ news sites

  • Monthly snapshot report showcasing results

Premium Big 6 Distribution gets your news article published on AT LEAST 6 additional world-renowned authority news brands with over 8 figure per month traffic like Business Insider, The Globe & Mail, Bar Chart, The Associated Press, Benzinga, Street Insider, and others.

Marketing Consulting

Get a bespoke marketing strategy


It's not just about selling products; it's about telling a story that resonates with your audience.After a marketing consultation, you'll walk away with a clear, actionable plan tailored to your brand's unique needs.We'll pinpoint your ideal audience, craft compelling messaging that speaks directly to them, and outline strategic channels for maximum impact.Expect to receive practical steps for improving your online presence, enhancing customer engagement, and driving conversions.This session is about giving you the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions and see tangible growth in your marketing efforts.

  • Tailored to your current circumstances

  • No contract — book one session at a time

  • Add a comprehensive brand audit for $299

the answer is yes

Does your brand need press coverage?

If you want your brand to get noticed and stand out in the AI field, press coverage is crucial. It helps people find you online, shows you're a big deal in your industry, and gets you in front of more potential customers. Basically, if you're looking to grow and beat the competition, you need this kind of exposure.

Frequently asked questions

Which publications are included?

Each marketing campaign includes a mass content broadcast across multiple media types.

  • Major publications including NBC News, ABC News, Fox News, News on 6, Star Tribune, State Journal

  • Coverage can also get picked up by Google News and Bing

  • Videos on YouTube and Vimeo

  • Podcasts on Podbean and Buzzsprout

  • Slide decks on Slideshare

  • Plus 300+ other high visibility, high traffic websites

⭐️ You will receive a full report after each campaign showing where all content was published

Do I have to write my own articles?

Nope! We'll write your content for you. We know exactly what kind of content gets the best results (and what is allowed by large publications).This is included at no extra charge 😌

What kind of results can I expect?

You can expect increased online visibility, improved search engine rankings, and enhanced brand credibility, leading to greater market presence and potentially higher customer engagement and conversions.

What kind of marketing is this?

This is targeted digital marketing, focusing on enhancing online visibility and credibility for AI companies through guaranteed media placements and specialized search engine optimization strategies.

What if I already hired someone to do my marketing?

Our services can complement existing marketing efforts by specifically boosting your online visibility and credibility through guaranteed media placements.If you already have someone managing your ads and/or social media accounts, our coverage will give them something to refer people to, creating a powerful synergy between your existing marketing efforts and our specialized services.

Will this work if it's the only marketing I do?

Yes, it can serve as a standalone marketing strategy, especially if your primary goal is to rapidly increase online visibility and credibility. However, for the best results, integrating it with a broader marketing approach, including social media and direct outreach, can further enhance your brand's presence and impact.

I have more questions

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